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page 167 has the truth about chernobyl. remember, this is written by one of the chief physicists of the world and he's from the university of california berkeley. he doesn't necessarily agree with my politics but the man tells the truth. nothing to worry about here in america. from new york, good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: this is a "fox news alert." u.n. security vote is getting underway on a proposed no-fly zone over libya and authorization to use "all necessary measures." this is muammar gaddafi vowing to retake the rebel held city of benghazi, offering amnesty to those who surrender and no mercy to others. only hours after he warned foreign powers that any outside attack would trigger retaliation and destabilization of the region. but first, we turn to japan. where emergency workers are feverishly trying to cool down overheating fuel rods at the earthquake and tsunami-stricken nuclear
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plant. a u.n. nuclear official says the situation is "very serious." but appears to be stable. for now. the u.s. authorized the first evacuations of americans out of japan and president obama says he has asked for a comprehensive review of u.s. nuclear plant safety. correspondent greg palkot is in japan with the latest. >> reporter: there were desperate measures thursday in the fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern japan. helicopters doused water on overheating reactors to avoid a catastrophic core meltdown. the facility was sprayed down with more water from fire trucks. while authorities say there is some stabilization, they admit the method had little effect in reducing temperatures at the plant. others say even if a power line reaches coolant pumps they might not work. >> this is a very severe situation. we need to keep coolings at the fuel so that it doesn't
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reach criticality. >> reporter: all of the uncertainty leading to more evacuation of locate from the immediate exclusion zone as well as from sendai the biggest city near the reactor complex. another evacuation center locals grumble over the perceived mishandling of the crisis by the authorities. >> the government told us well were safe, this man said. so far, this has happened and i'm really shocked. all this is also resulting in more departures of foreign nationals. the first plane load of americans left tokyo today. 100 were on board a charter flight. the airports are crowded and airlines cutting service, rush to leave the country. the search for survivors in the hard-hit quake zone and snow and freezing temperature to hamper rescue efforts which are basically at an end. it's now more to do with recovery. the official toll of dead and missing for the first time is topping 15,000. it's also about dealing with half-million evacuees coping
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with shortage of power, heat and water. yet, more images of courage in the face of the rushing tsunami last friday are revealed. just broadcast, scenes of a local japanese reporter in the town of sendai where the tsunami hit. he raced to escape rising waters. he helped safe a father and two children stranded by the russian wave. a woman traumatized by the fierce stream of debris-filled water. who was grateful for a bit of humanity at an inhumane moment. there is another rescue set to happen just about now. 600 americans stranded in the quake ravaged and radiation-hit town of sendai, being picked up by 14 buses which have made their way, caravan-style, up and around the hard-hit quake zone. they're now should be on their way back, as they rye to get home to their loved ones. >> bret: greg palkot live in osaka, japan, early friday
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morning. thank you. here is a look at the timeline of fukushima nuclear plant. the they are trying to prevent a meltdown. a third explosion occurred march 15. this had reactors while there were fires at power plant four. the power plant accidents so far injured 15 workers and exposed up to 190 people to higher levels of radiation than considered safe. meanwhile, japanese and american nuclear experts are literally miles apart when it comes to recommendations for a safety perimeter around the damaged facility. national security correspondent jennifer griffin examines the mixed messages. >> reporter: even as foreigners hurried to catch flights out of japan, few u.s. citizens took the state department up on its offer. the gap was growing between u.s. nuclear experts assessment of how far to evacuate from around the
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crippled nuclear reactors and the 12 miles recommended by japan. president obama defended the u.s. warning from the rose garden. >> yesterday, we called for an evacuation of the american citizens in 15 miles of the plant. this decision was based upon the careful scientific evaluation. >> the state department announceed the plan in a midnight conference call to journalists after the president spoke to the japanese prime minister. today, he signed a condolence book at the embassy in washington. the gap between u.s. and japanese officials became apparent when the head of the nuclear regulatory commission spoke on capitol hill wednesday. >> we believe that there is no water in the reactor known as number four. i would say it's my great hope that the information we have is not accurate. i would hope for the sake of everyone that the situation is not at the state we think it is. >> reporter: he defended the recommendation today from the white house. >> we think it's a prudent measure to follow the evacuation, based on how we
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would handle a situation like this in. >> reporter: they flew global hawk surveillance flight over the reactors and sent more potassium iodine just in case but said american service members were safe. >> there is no threat to the personnel there. radiation readings are spiking temporarily based on the local condition at the nuclear reactors involved and the prevailing weather. there is spikes up and down. >> department of energy sent radiation sensors to california but president obama felt compelled to reassure americans. >> we don't expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> reporter: third of american voters polled by fox news say they are less likely to support nuclear energy in the united states. but a little over half, 51% say they think nuclear power
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is safe. up 2% -- or down, excuse me, 2% from three years ago. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. jennifer griffin live at the state department. thank you. at the united nations, supporters of a no-fly zone over libya are voting now on a resolution aimed to prevent muammar gaddafi's planes from carrying out attacks. white house correspondent mike emanuel examines why american leaders and some of those on the ground think the proposal might be too little, too late. >> government forces advanced in eastern libya today in muammar gaddafi's threatened people in the rebel capital of benghazi saying we are coming tonight, and there won't be any mercy. the u.s. pushed for action in the u.n. security council. >> but the u.s. view is that we need to be prepared to contemplate steps that include but perhaps go beyond the no-fly zone. >> many libyans are worried any attempt to assist those fighting the gaddafi regime will come too far to make a
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difference and the anxiety on the ground can be felt. >> i'm not even giving you an interview. i'm not seeing a team that safe. seriously, i might never come back. >> fox's rick leventhal has been reporting on the ground in libya. >> every time the subject has come up, every person we interviewed said where is the help, where is the u.s. and where is the no-fly zone? nay want it. they say they need it. as the clock ticks they say it becomes less of an issue. >> in washington, bipartisan criticism of the obama administration inconsistent handling of libyans trying to dump their dictator. >> it seems to me that it's a dangerous proposition to urge people to seek democracy and revolt and then basically not help them. >> reporter: then republican senator marco rubio ripped the administration for not acting faster and decisively. >> from all the accounts that are out there, the united states frankly looks weak. in this endeavor. the president of the united states specifically said muammar gaddafi must go but has done nothing since saying
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that except have internal debates about it. >> what we're pushing for is to secure resolution that includes a number of very specific measures to protect libyan civilians that includes but is not limited to a no-fly zone. >> when is that resolution going to happen? after the bloodbath, in the middle of a bloodbath? >> reporter: in a fox news poll, 43% of those surveyed approved the administration handling of the situation in libya. 35% disapprove. 21% are unsure. at the white house, spokesman jay carney says the u.s. is proceeding with a great sense of urgency. >> when it emerges, security council emerges from the situation it will be unprecedented in their speed and scope. >> reporter: sometime this hour the u.s. officials expect the vote at the u.n. security council to pass to authorize a no-fly zone and other measures to protect civilians there has been great concern about china and russia who had the power to veto, but they are expected to obtain. we're getting reports that rebels in benghazi have been called to their post and told to prepare for battle.
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bret? >> bret: monitoring the u.n. security council. mike, thank you. government supporters in yemen attacked an encampment of protesters in the capital today. eight people were injured two of them shot. meanwhile in the south, ten protesters were injured when the police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a rally there. bah hayne security forces regained full control of the center part of the capital city today. authorities detained seven protesters and the u.s. state department reiterated that the military force is not the answer. iran recalled the ambassador to protest crackdown on majority shiite activist. we'll tell you where president obama is being criticized for being too conservative. that's later in the grapevine. and after the break, the fight to fund the government and defund npr.
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. you're looking live at the u.n. security council chambers where they are convening the u.n. security council for this vote. on a resolution to authorize a no-fly zone and any means necessary in libya. congressional officials in washington are saying that the obama administration is readying plans to participate in a no-fly zone with the help of arab countries. this is from the "associated press" just minutes ago. coming out of a briefing on capitol hill. these officials are saying that if this vote passes in the-up security council, that this no-fly zone could be up within a few days with the help of arab members including jordan, qatar and the uae. you are looking live at the u.n. security council. we will monitor this. as this vote gets underway. another vote today this one in washington. it was a crisis temporarily averted. yet the prospect of a government shutdown continues to loom, as long as there is no budget. chief political correspondent carl cameron takes a look at
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the continuing effort to keep the government going. >> more than halfway through the fiscal year and still no closer to a budget than the last five times they averted a government shutdown with a short-term funding extension, senators passed a sixth continuing resolution or c.r. for three more weeks that cut current spending $6 billion. >> there is no free lunch. debts have to be paid. interest has to be paid on debts. >> this is reality. we don't live in a fantasy world. >> the measure passed 87-13. nine republicans opposed it. kentucky's rand paul, south carolina jim demint, marco rubio of florida, jim risch of idaho, crapo and orrin hatch of utah. they want deeper cut and defund social programs like planned parenthood and the implementation of healthcare reform. >> i don't think it's the right call right there. i think we need more aggressive action. than what this c.r. calls for.
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calling week-to-week budgeting irresponsible, four members of the democratic congress oppose the short-term plan. patty murray, rockefeller and bernie sanders. the latest fox news poll shows 51% think the president is truly serious about tackling the debt. 42% say it about republicans. 38% think the democrats are truly serious. the top senate democrat threatened to block any long-term deal that includes cuts to social program popular with democrats. >> the answer that i focused on was not on a no but hell no. >> reporter: the next deadline for the budget is april 8. talks next week take a backseat to the president's trip to south america and congressional vacation. democrats passed no budget of their own nor offered a compromise. some openly complain that the president failed to lead or engage. but the leaders say it's up to a gp to compromise and ignore the tea party conservatives who won the last election. >> in order to avoid a dead end on the budget talks, speaker boehner should abandon
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the tea party and work to forge bipartisan consensus. it's the only way out of this bind. >> then there is a real problem because either side is close to offering a compromise budget for the rest of the year. when it comes to the nation's long-term debt comprised largely of entitlement cost like social security, harry reid long said it's not on the table in the last couple of days he sid it won't be for any time soon. "two decades from now i'm willing to take a look at it but i'm not willing to take a lock at it right now." not enthusiastic about cutting a deal here, bret. >> bret: i'd say. thank you. house republicans today voted to make national public radio private. correspondent molly henneberg looks at the largely symbolic action. >> today, republican-controlled house approved a measure 228-92 with one voting present to stop taxpayer dollars from funding national public radio. npr. the legislation also prohibits the public radio stations from using federal dollars to pay
6:18 pm
npr dues or to buy programming. the g.o.p. sponsor of the bill says a government trillions of dollars in debt should not pay for nonessential services. >> we live in an age of digital radio, computerized digital streaming. commercial all-news radio and radio talk show misof which are streamed on the internet or over satellite radio. these provide sources of news and opinion without federal taxpayer dollars. npr should do the same. >> critics say the bill will prevent smaller public stations, especially in rural areas from having the funds to buy popular shows. a democratic congressman suggested car casticly the -- sarcastically they want to put the car talk guys out of business. >> american people are not concerned about the economy, they're saying get rid of the click and clack. finally republican friends are doing it. kudos to you. >> they came under fire when a
6:19 pm
conservative activist released this undercover video of then npr executiveron schiller. >> reporter: republicans who believe npr leans left say they are glad to make that happen. >> why should we allow taxpayer dollars to be used to advocate one ideology? >> reporter: but some democrats say npr is a "voice of reason." >> i refuse to scapegoat the national public radio a reasoned andry responsible voice for the people. >> reporter: the bill is not lakely to get passed the democratically controlled senate and even if it did, president obama is not likely to sign it in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> iran's nuclear program is still causing concerns but this time for different reasons, you are looking live at the u.n. security council they're about to gavel the session in order to vote on the resolution for a no-fly zone and all necessary actions against libya. this as the afp just in the last minute moved this.
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"loud explosions and antiaircraft fire were heard early friday in benghazi," according to an afp correspondent there. the battle for benghazi may be underway. stay with us. how does motorola exccelerate ?
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>> bret: so far, the nuclear program has been military ones but as the correspondent amy kellogg explains there are also safety issues like those japan is currently facing. >> safety concerns mount as iran forges ahead with the nuclear program. scrambling to dodge sanctions,
6:24 pm
acquiring materials of questionable quality on the black market. most worrying to some, iran's promise to build energy plants on its own without prior experience. >> metal industry cannot produce the large metal components that are required in reabout ours -- reactors that are required to be built without seams, the pressure vessel for example. to withstand the intense heat and radiation created in a nuclear reactor, those pressure vessels have to be manufacturered without seams. >> the ongoing crisis in japan points out with more urgency the importance of having strong reliable pressure vessels. iran's only power plant to date right on the persian gulf was initiated by the germans, then construction was taken over after a hiatus by the russians. comparisons to chernobyl are dampened by experts who say russia has learned its lesson from the tragedy, but more than 30 years after construction began, it's still
6:25 pm
not online. >> hopefully it's going to work okay. because of course it's in the very sensitive area of the world, and actually very populated part of the world. and sometimes nuclear -- [ inaudible ] would not be good. >> finally after a fuel-swap plan with the west failed iran is threatening to make the fuel it needs for the tehran research reactors, which right in the country's densely populated capital is already passed the safe life span. >> they're acting as if they can make it and put in a reactor like it's a car part or something. if you make a new fuel, even if you know how to do it, you are going to test the reactor. >> what troubles many observers is the fact that because iran made the nuclear program a point of pride, political concerns could outweigh safety. with an economy faltering under sanctions, iran's need to impress the population with
6:26 pm
the nuclear achievements may put pressure on to speed things up. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: nato says more than 40 insurgents have been killed in southwestern and eastern afghanistan in fighting over the last two days. the u.s. -led coalition said more than 30 were killed in an operation targeting narcotics and weapons trafficking in helmand province. the u.s. drone killed 38 militants in pakistan's rile region today with unusually deadly strike. pakistani officials say the dead were militants meeting to discuss plans to send fighters to afghanistan. the local taliban-supported governor says they were innocent tribal elders and police. one comic jumps to the defense of another who made questionable comments about the tragedy in japan. and you're looking live again at the u.n. security council getting underway now as the vote is about ready to proceed on the resolution for the no-fly zone and other actions against libya. u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
6:27 pm
susan rice was just seen scurrying around from ambassador to ambassador in private talks moments ago. we're monitoring this from the u.n. keep it here. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer.
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6:31 pm
yesmen escalate. carney -- yemen escalate. carney told reporters -- meanwhile, the president is being slammed for the picks themselves. he chose all number one seeds including duke, kansas, pittsburgh and ohio state. to win each of the four region. espn mike wilbon dished out ultimate insult for democrat calling the pick "conservative." johnkornheise smirked -- kansas republican lawmaker refused to resign over remarks where he suggested that illegal immigrants should be shot. in a committee meeting on whether the state should try to control the wild hog population by using gunmen in helicopters, peck said, "if shooting these immigratinger if ril hogs --er if ral hogs
6:32 pm
work, maybe we've found solution to our illegal immigration policy." finally the ladies of the "view" were discussing the firing of gotfried when the co-host behar made what some call an inappropriate comparison. she said, "maybe people who just need relief from the terror of all of it, i'm sure people in concentration camps made jokes about each other about the nazis, about their situation." the antidefamation league responded saying, "the comparison between jokes about the japan tsunami to what was going on in concentration camps during the holocaust is inappropriate and hideous. this was a natural disaster. not a holocaust." ♪ ♪ >> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour, emergency workers scram to believe regain control of the
6:33 pm
dangerously overheated nuclear complex, the u.n. atomic agency -- energy agency says situation at japan crippled nuclear plant is very serious. currently doesn't appear to be getting worse. still america officials say it could take weeks to bring the crippled japanese nuclear complex under control. before we get to this story, we want to break in here to the u.n. security council. listen in here. the vote just occurred and the hands were raised. >> abstentions, please raise your hand. >> please put down hands.
6:34 pm
>> the result of the voting is as follows -- ten votes in favor. zero vote against. five abstentions. the resolution is adopted. and 2011. >> bret: the u.n. security council adopting a resolution to implement a no-fly zone over libya. also, any additional measures that are needed in libya, according to the resolution, as you heard the vote 10 for, no vote against and five
6:35 pm
abstentions in the u.n. security council. the question now is how fast will a no-fly zone be put in? as we just reported moments ago, they are already hearing explosions and antiaircraft fire, artillery fire in the rebel-held city of benghazi. the question now is whether the rebels can hold on before the no-fly zone can be put in place. we're going to talk this with the panel in just a moment. again, the u.n. security council approving a no-fly zone resolution with additional necessary measures if needed. back to the story out of japan. safety officials defended their 50-mile evacuation zone for american troops and citizens in japan around that nuclear reactor. meanwhile, the first evacuation flight of u.s. citizens left japan today. now the earthquake in japan is not only having a major impact locally, but it will also hurt west coast ports. correspondent anita vogel looks at the jobs in commerce in peril there.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: so far, it's smooth sailing at the port of long beach in southern california, part of the nation's larmest shipping complex, not yet experiencing delays in cargo delivery from japan, the world's fourth largest exporter of goods. >> there could be effect on number of employees, long shore workers, truck drivers or people in the distribution warehouses and all the people that deal with imported goods coming from all over the world. >> reporter: many of the containers slated to arrive in the coming days left japanese ports before the earthquake, tsunami and threat of radiation. and japanese auto maker toyota thinks it will get most of its plants back online by next week. still the company admits there are challenges. >> there is a shortage of electric power, they're trying to conserve. large manufacturerring operations like ours do require power. so the priority the general public and the relief efforts first and then we can get back to manufacturerring and that will be the case. >> reporter: american firms which rely on factories in
6:37 pm
japan may have more reason for concern. austin based texas instruments sustained substantial damage to one of the four fabrication facilities, which will stall production of cell phones and television. toshiba the world's second largest maker of chips has halted some of its production. seafood supplies can run low in the state, driving up prices. before the disaster, the u.s. received 35% of japanese fish, farm and foresty exports. >> when we look at seafood, particular, that's about a two to $3 billion market. so this is going to have a huge impact on our food supply and certainly on their economy. >> many american cars get their parts from japan. just today, g.m. announced it would be halting production at a pickup assembly plant because of a lack of parts. still, there may be a window of opportunity for american hybrid vehicles if toyota's prius becomes scarce. it's still too early to tell whether the steady slow of
6:38 pm
supplies in spite of a disaster in japan is just the calm before the storm. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> bret: stocks were up today. the dow gained 161. the s&p 500 added nearly 17. the nasdaq fbied 19 ahead. oil -- finished 19 ahead. oil prices shot up past the $100 mark again today as the continuing situation in japan developed. as you look live at united nations. outside the security council room. just voted to approve the resolution. we'll talk about that with the panel. the vote was 10-4. five abstentions. can they get it up fast enough, the no-fly zone in libya to make a difference? be back after this. ♪ [ fingers snapping ] [ woman announcing ] every subaru is responsibly built in a zero landfill plant.
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dangerous proposition to urge people to seek democracy and revolt and then basically not to help them. >> i read the statements and i almost get a sense of a texas two-step. we take what we want to support this, but we're concerned about that. >> the united states quite frank lil looks weak in this even deavor. the president of the united states specifically said gaddafi must go but has done nothing since say that except for having interim debates for a week-and-a-half or two. has there been analysis done on the impact this is having on the perception of the united states in the region around the world, the damage this inaction is doing? >> what we are pushing for is to secure a resolution to have measures to protect libyan civilians, includes but not limited to a no-fly zone? we'll see if we produce that. >> if it fails, is there a backup plan? >> i believe we can produce a u.n. security resolution to provide the platform to step up the international pressure on gaddafi. >> bret: under-secretary of state on the hot seat on capitol hill. they did manage to get a-up
6:43 pm
resolution pasted the security council. vote moments ago. you saw it live on fox. ten of the countries voting in favor of that resolution, five of them abstaining. the five were china, russia, india, germany and brazil. now the no-fly zone resolution passed as well as the authorization of all necessary means in libya. what does this mean? let's bring in the panel. chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor, digital. a.b. stoddard, "the hill." and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay. we just heard, chris, up on capitol hill. congressional officials saying if they got the resolution passed which they did from the u.n. security council it would be an arab league presence in the no-fly zone. perhaps, jordan, quar tar the uae. they have to hurry according wires out of benghazi. >> that's what i was just thinking, what we're talking about in benghazi is hours. what we're talking about with
6:44 pm
the no fly zone resolution is days. the two timetables don't sync up. there is probably a very serious chance that by the time anybody can get a plane in the air and by the time anything that can happen this civil war will be over. what we'll look at is instead dealing with gaddafi in control of the oil fields in control of his ports without any resistance to arm or deal with in the country so it may really be a moot point. >> bret: a.b., you saw both sides. democrats and republicans going after the undersecretary of state where what the obama administration policy has been and questions about the timing of all of this. >> the obama administration changed this from two weeks ago when they had resolution about the no-fly zone, they were opposed, worried about open-ended and unilateral commitment. there was intense pressure from the international allies and as secretary of state
6:45 pm
clinton expressed support from the arab league was the final pressure. if they were willing to step up and help we could no longer sit back. they didn't expect gaddafi to prevail. once it was clear he would. they must have literally changed the definition of our strategic interest. whether or not he'll wreak havoc in middle east, double down with terrorists and become a bigger problem than he might have been ten days ago to the obama administration. he will remain under pressure. and there are people up on capitol hill like senator rocco rick luger who share that and will ask for declaration of war and put pressure on the administration to slow this down. >> bret: the national intelligence director just last week or the week before rather the end of the other week said that it is his assessment, general clapper said that the stalemate back and forth, "i think the
6:46 pm
longer-term, gaddafi regime will prevail." so, you know, they obviously. >> should have thought of it, i'm just saying it looks like a reversal in the calculation. >> bret: charles. a fox news poll out today says this. the first question, u.s. military, are you in favor of the u.s. military getting involved with the situation in libya? there you see 25% in favor. 65% opposed, 9% unsure. then the next one. obama administration handalling of the situation there. 4 #% approve. 45% disapprove. 21% unsure. >> look, historically americans are always against intervention. almost everywhere. it requires leadership, required it in world war ii and korea and gulf war, the good war and the question is where was the leadership here? if we end up with the authorization by the vote in the u.n., and it turns out that it's too late by the time anything gets off the ground,
6:47 pm
benghazi has been cleanseed. that's the word, one of the ugliest words in annals of word that means genocide. it will be not just a moot point. it will be a humiliation. the worst of all worlds. standing there with all the authorization in the world and people will be dead. the problem here i have is it's a classic example of how for a liberal internationalist, the process is everything. and the policy is secondary. they have been searching for a fig leaf, authorization to give the u.n., arab league, nato, whoever. and by the time it's all approved everybody is dead on the ground. i have mean if somebody can explain to me the moral logic of why we have to get the blessing or the extension of the butchers of tiananmen square to prevent a second tenman square -- tanmen square in benghazi, i'd like to hear
6:48 pm
it. by waiting until now until the last hour, with shelling heard in benghazi it's absurddy. either you strike, you're serious and you do it or you don't. here we are in the middle. >> bret: the vote came as this uprising of course is continuing. we are getting more wires at this moment that people in benghazi are hearing more strikes and airstrike on the outskirt of the city as gaddafi vowed to press forward. what he said the other day was "cleanse the city of benghazi." the obama administration moving forward telling the "wall street journal" according to the pentagon officials telling the "wall street journal" they have been fine-tuning military options in anticipation of a resolution. they have asset to begin strike immediately. this is breaking right now. we'll change plans and take a break right here and continue this discussion after the break.
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how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. >> bret: fox news alert. you're looking live at the u.n. security council meeting where the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice waped up addressing the body that just passed a resolution that authorized no fly zone over libya and also authorizing other necessary force. now as we put up a map of the region, i can tell you the "wall street journal" at this moment is reporting the pentagon officials are saying there are options that could begin almost immediately. options according to the official could include cruise missiles taking out air defense systems and manned and unmanned aircraft could be used against the tank, carriers and infantry position. they could be flown out of the u.s. and nato bases. and now we are getting word from the european outlets
6:53 pm
carrying similar reports suggesting that the french and british forces could respond almost immediately. this as bombardment in benghazi continues. back with the panel. developing fast. >> the word "immediately" is a keyword. matter of hours. if the airstrikes have been prepared and it's hearing that the pentagon is ready to go and the british and the french, then there might be a chance to stop final assault on benghazi. if you do that, when you have a situation where the rebels have a capital. you have protective cordon around it and then you actually have the rescue "a" of humanitarian rescue of 700,000 people in the city. you also have of the sort of institution of a rebel territory, which will be protected and could in the future be the base of an assault against gaddafi in time. the one disheartening element was hearing about the joint
6:54 pm
jordanian uae qatar air force. sweet and lovely and nice cover but i don't expect they'll do anything with the aspects that the libyans have on the ground. it's important to understand that what has to be done now is attack everything on the ground. no move zone because you have to stop artillery and start the tankss and you have to sink naval vessels shelling from the offshore into the rebel-held area. >> bret: as this begins quickly it's important to remember what defense secretary robert gates said on capitol hill number ruse times. we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton it's no small feat to put all of this together to make sure that the pilots going in are protected. you have to take out the antiaircraft effort by gaddafi forces on the ground and you have to have search and recovery, search and rescue missions if by chance some point goes down or is shot down.
6:55 pm
ab, a big undertaking. starting to get more understanding of it. a lot of people in the town that didn't believe it would happen. >> no. the goal remains unclear at this hour. despite the urgency and the resolution and the will. >> u.n. ambassador rice said they want broad range of actions to increase pressure on the regime to help killing and allow the people to express themselves and aspiration for the future peacefully. we know he is alone. he's not going to be able to last that long. with this show of force. how alone are we? at what point do we lose the jordanians and the uae and even the french and british? how long will it last and how long will it hang in? what are we going to do? what is the goal ultimately? we're going to try to depose him. flatten him. but at that point, what happens. what are our allies with us tonight?
6:56 pm
>> chris, we will pause here and drop a kicker to be back on final thoughts on the breaking story as the no fly zone appears to set up over libya and possibly more actions coming. stay tuned. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer.
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>> bret: continuing the breaking news now about the no-fly zone looking to be set up over libya. according to the defense officials telling fox that the pentagon likely won't be leading the way off the top, that european forces will, that the u.s. will offer logistic support but that's developing at this hour. final thoughts from the panel as this is moving forward. chris? >> this will be a politically unpopular undertaking. we have a struggling economy. we have a nuclear meltdown in japan. we have a president whose approval ratings are dropping. wading into or being dragged into another conflict in the middle east is not going to be something americans want to see. >> bret: charles? >> the terrain is uniquely favorable. we're in the

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